Wednesday, January 13, 2010

livin' in the Du...

Just the beginning…

So I made it to Asia!!! I really can’t believe I have been here a week already! So much has happened, but here is my attempt to fill you in! I don’t have my own home yet so Im staying in a family’s house who is back in the states. It’s a nicer house the only problem is the water heater. Every time I need to shower I have to turn on the kitchen sink to hot water walk outside bang on the water heater 3 times to get it running then I run to the bathroom see if the water is hot if not I repeat this process until the water heater kicks on and I then have about 4 full minuets of hot water to shower. Needless to say I don’t shower everyday nor do I take long showers anymore.
I was here 2 full days before I took my first trip to the J areas. It was a great trip! I met 2 sisters and 1 brother. There is another known couple but they were busy the whole time we were there. The sisters were crazy!! Monica was just like me only a T. She was loud and crazy. Full of energy! She has a daughter that is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! She is learning English so we could communicate a little. Rachel on the other hand was shyer but her English was very good. She was with us everyday traveling and eating. She lives in the city, her and the Raymicks are really good friends. Rachel will be back in the city after Chinese New Year so I know we will have plenty of time to get to know each other!
The second night we were there it was one of the girls birthdays so they invited us to go to a Karaoke bar with them. It was crazy! James sang Michael Jackson Jodi sang the theme song to Titanic and I ended up singing Brittany Spears. We danced and sang as much as we could handle then finally left and headed to bed. I wish I could describe everything about the J city or all parts of my J trip but even if I tried it wouldn’t do the trip any justice. The bus ride is crazy the food is different (however really really good)! The people are wonderful! Its something I’m really having trouble putting into words….the only thing I can say is the Father has me in the right place right now!
Being in the city is very different and much easier! There are a ton more people and it’s a much faster living pace than the J areas, but I love it! Jodi and I went to the store the other day and they have a few shelves that are import foods I almost fainted when I saw peanut-butter on the shelf. You better believe I bought more than one jar! They also have Chinese style oreos!!!!!! AND on a good day you can find cheese!!!!!! I have done laundry one time and it wasn’t too bad. I just washed the cloths them I hung them all of a drying rack outside. It made me feel like I accomplished this HUGE task!
I start with my language tutor this week because school won’t start up until March. Im a little nervous but I know it will be good to get a head start! Other than that my only requests are we would find a house and I have been really sick the past few days stuck in bed! So if you think about it pry for me!
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****Livin’ here by HIS grace******


  1. Your doing great Ali. I am proud of you. Enjoy every moment of it. We love you. Who was the white girl in the picture with you?

  2. We hope you are doing well! I am so glad you have a blog! I need to talk to your Mom and get an address for you so I can send you a little care package (I'll hook you up with some PB!). I am really proud of what you are doing! I think it is so unselfish and giving of you. We love you and we are thinking of you often!
    PS: Baby due any day now... I'll keep you posted. XOXO